And now IBD

Its a happening life. Great learnings by pain and discussions. A new addition in my life is of crohns and thanks to psoriatic arthritis and HLA B27. But Ayurveda seems promising. Many have got rid of biologics, DMARDS and pain killers by Ayurveda and yoga. So now its the best opportunity to expand my horizons in search for the comfortable lfe which surely HLA B27 has not given.

I'm sorry you have another condition to contend with superspear. And I really hope that whatever treatment or therapy you choose helps.

I would consider yoga and possibly Ayurveda as complementary therapies and personally I think they are interesting. I do believe that our lifestyle, including what we eat and various forms of exercise can really help with overall health, make us more resilient, and, to a limited extent, positively influence the course the disease takes. But what I am not looking to do is 'to get rid' of the disease modifying drugs that I had to fight to get access to in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, I do not enjoy taking drugs, but in addition to my own experience of their effectiveness, there is a considerable body of scientific evidence which shows that they work in slowing progression of the disease. To claim that therapies which have not been subjected to rigorous testing are disease modifying would be irresponsible.

If you wish to explain more about Ayurveda and yoga, you could post in the 'Complementary Therapies' section.