Am I crazy to think I will be able to run soon?

I am doing pretty well on Humira and taking less pain killers. I bought a mini trampoline and I now have muscles in my legs that I forgot I had. My breathing and BP are much better. I was watching my 5 year-old grandson one day, and he wanted me to run with him. I tried to explain why I couldn't and he didn't quite understand. So I told him I would work on it. Since then he has asked me if I can run yet. His birthday is in three months and I am doing my best to surprise him by running, just a little!

That's fantastic Andy - so glad you're doing soooo much better !

You can and you will.......

What a neat Grandkid. Parents had some good parenting!!!

What a great present to him!

It's interesting, I was in a waiting room earlier today, flipping through a prevention magazine. This was more specific to osteoarthritis, but it goes against standard advice. Check it out at

I'm beginning to experience fatigue with Humira, just as I did with Enbrel. I don't know what is going on. Maybe it is something else, but my bloodwork is fine. I guess PsA is an ongoing process. :-)

The weather has been great, so I have had all of my windows open for this past week. Grass pollen is high. I have been extremely tired and I thought it was the Humira. I turned the AC on yesterday and when I awoke this morning I felt fine. I've seen some statements on the internet that Humira causes allergy symptoms to worsen. Has anyone else had this problem?

I dunno. Allergy symptoms are inflammation and an immune system response. I would imagine they would nock your legs out. The last time I took an allergy pill, I slept for three days.........

I have a definite connection between allergy season and disease symptoms and fatigue. But we pretty much never have the windows closed until it is REALLY bad. I’m not on any biologics.