Air conditioning, friend or foe?

Too hot to be without it, but cold air blowing over me is just the worst. If I can use it at all, it has to come from another room besides the one I'm in! Anyone else?

I'm having the same problem - and the major issue is that the ac HAS TO be in the room in which I sleep. Ugh. I woke up last night in incredible pain, just because I was COLD. My husband likes it COLD at night - we need to find a happy medium somewhere!!!

Move to England - no danger of it being too hot to require air con here!

I know nym, my poor husband just roasts! He was sweat soaked last night when I asked him to put another blanket on me, and that is with socks on, one sheet and blanket already on, and a heating pad under me! The air was on in another room blowing in, not even directly on me, even fans blowing on me will 'get me'!

Because this is an old 'cottage type' house, with electric baseboard heat, low ceilings and no place for ducts, we have to use 'window shakers' even moving the A/Cs to another window where it blows 2 feet away from the foot of the bed, pointing to the door, GETS ME!

Gwenneth, as much as I love the people of your country, the weather would be far too much for me! I have come to the place in my life where I totally understand people moving to the desert and staying there.

As beautiful as it is today, I know there is a storm lurking, can just feel it without even looking at the forecast!

Cold gets to me badly as well. We don't have an aircon, but even the fan blowing on me can get me too cold. It's winter over here now (mind you, we are in the subtropics) and we have on a big comforter. My husband often has it half off while I have an extra blanket on top, a hat, and curled up with a hot water bottle!