I am always freezing! (Except when I'm feverish) I have the thermostat up high, even though it's summer, I wear sweaters like an old lady, I fill the tub up with scorching hot water to get a little bit of warmth before bed. My kids even try to pile their blankets on me when I have a nap to try and make me more comfortable! Meanwhile the husband and kids are sweating up a storm.

Is there anything else I haven't tried? I get to the point where I wish for fevers to feel warm.

So sorry. I don't have much wisdom on this from personal experience, just some information from the google search I did. I personally get chills when I have my low grade fevers except at night when I sweat it out and get soaking wet so I experience the opposite of you., and it is not so extreme. I can go and put a sweater on and that's enough.

Being this cold all the time can be indicative of other illness such as Raynauds, or it could be the result of being very thin, or having low blood pressure, or thyroid issues. I'd definitely see the doctor about this and not try to suffer through it, ignore it, or diagnose it yourself.

Hugs and blessings.

Hello Lara,

From one iceburg to the other, I am always cold, even wear socks to bed until it is sweltering hot, BUT, I also have Raynaud's Phenomenon (secondary). My Mom does not have any of it is nearly as bad.

Put your blankets and top sheet in dryer for a few minutes before bed, your clothes in dryer a few minutes before putting them on.

Talk to me anytime,


Thanks for the ideas. I think I probably have Raynauds, as this has been an issue for me even before I was diagnosed with PsA. It's definitely not from being thin! LOL. I also have had my thyroid checked out many times, as well as blood pressure - so it's not that.

It's summer and my husband is putting up very nicely with my need to have the furnace on too. Man that man is so patient with me. :)

I also have FMS, there is a Dr Assist on that site, she gave me a list of all the different thyroid tests that should have been done and a sonagram of the thyroid was at the end. I am planning on adding that to my note I take to the Dr (GP) and asking him about it again as I just keep loosing more and more of my hair.

So many things, makes your head spin!!



Hi Lara,

I also meant to tell you that drug stores have things like gloves, mittens, socks that can be warmed in the microwave. The stores and sites that cater to hunters and outdoorsmen also have a huge selection of things like pocket hand warmers, battery warmed socks...the list is endless.

Byrd feeder and I were also talking about carrying gloves around, she said she buys several pairs of the $1 gloves and keeps them in handy places. I take them to the grocery store with me, to handle the frozen foods.

Mention this to your doctor next time you go in, he may want you to try something like a Vasodialator.

You and I are both fortunate to have such understanding husbands, mine goes through the same thing with me, believe me! LOL!!

Feel better,