Something Silly

We've had a few weeks of homeowners' challenges. First the AC broke, then we lost water due to plumbing conduit failure under the house, so for a few days we had neither water or AC.

I decided in my slap-happy heat exhausted state to just wax humorously and poetically and revel in the fact that I'm grateful to have a home in which things occasionally break. As of now the water is repaired thanks to a very handy husband who is a mad genius at repair and diagnosis. The AC saga continues.

Here's my ridiculous attempt at poetry.....

Air Conditioning Blues, by DMaraJade

Yes indeed there will be
By Friday a repaired AC
Through the hot and muggy days
how we stayed cool, let us count the ways
Ceiling fans, we thank you so
and evening storms from which cool winds blow
It has been nearly one whole week
and the prognosis had been quite bleak
The motor had frozen and quickly seized
as our days blazed on with only slightest of breeze
The tech proclaimed, “The motor’s quite rare,
and made of unobtainium, but do not despair”
Though quite a task a motor was found
We are happy that it’s Greenville bound!
With a bit of a wait and a medium sized fee
thanks largely to a home warranty
by Friday we can hopefully say
that dear AC is back, hooray!