I am currently on Actemra infusions monthly. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this drug and if so how long did it take to work?

Hi Mama,

I am unfamiliar with the drug, but did some research, it is relatively new, out about 2 years. I went to 3 or 4 websites, all info indicated their site would answer that and other questions, but when you actually get there, it does not.

Hope someone else can be of more help! The drug sounds impressive enough, most of this medicine takes 3 months to feel the full effects, although many claim it is possible to feel better and have improved function in just 2 weeks. That was the Remicade infusion anyway. I looked that up earlier and it was explained very well, the Actemra is not, at least not to me.

Wishing you well!


I have been on Actemra for just over 2 years now. Started in Aug 2010 (800mg every 4 weeks). I really started to notice the effects in the 3rd month and was able to reduce my prednisone from 50mg/day to 5mg/day over 1 1/2 yrs (I decreased very very slowly as I had been at the 50mg for almost 1yr with busrts of 100mg for flare ups), I also take MTX inj once a week and arthrotec nsaid 3 times a day. Have been able to reduce my pain medication to ¼ as well.

I have also been on enbrel (3yrs), humira (allergic reaction), orencia (2yrs did not help), Rituxan (2yrs every 4 months, only worked for 3 months but 4 months was the earliest they could start the double infusion again).

My rheumatologist had MRI’s done of my hands so they could show joint damage and reclassify me as a non ANA RA patient so I would be able to get the RA drugs rather than waiting for them to be approved for PsA.

I’m able to work full time but my fatigue level is high and I need at least 8+ hrs of sleep a day and play catch up on sleep every weekend.

I had the best luck with enbrel which worked for 2 ½ years, I had much more energy on that drug. Actemra is working well but my body usually starts to reject a drug after 2 years.

I have only had one bad flare up while on actemra where I need inter joint steroid injections in my shoulders and hips.

I hope the Actemra works for you.

I keep reading up all the new drugs in trials as I'm sure like all the rest this one will soon stop working for me.