A visitor to our farm a while back

A young Bobcat was hanging out. She went across the road so we wEnt looking for her, then came down to one of the buildings, turns out the bobcat was tracking me, I was on the other side of a large oak tree with my camera, I could sense something watching me, so got my camera ready and jumped from behind the tree, and snapped the first photo, that is why the cat a a surprised look on her face, She thought she was pretty good at sneaking up but I had intuition…

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Wow, that’s just crazy! Beautiful pictures.

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It is amazing this cat has no fear of people, she is just thinking of possible dinner… She hung out for about 30 minutes, mid day like she owned the place. A lot of bunnies disappeared the previous week…

Sorry, just took a closer look, I guess she is a he… :sweat_smile:

Then our local eagle that is up the street…
They are working on another family this year, had three babies last year.
uboc near me

He was keeping an eye on me!


That is truly lovely , am so jealous you are living in that paradise while I flounder amidst the noxious pm10 traffic fumes. Keep on campaining for a wilder shore move in the nearest poss future. Greece has apparently set up favourable situations for people willing to live on boats…


Thats to bad, it would be the perfect place for that. Probably why they made it difficult… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Love the photos. I live on a small farm here but we don’t have bobcats in ireland.


They can’t swim that far! :joy: