Not to hijack the community BUT

Our neighbors decided to make stewing hens out of their non-layers last week One escaped and is hiding out on my front porch. Shes a really nice chicken with a lot of personality (as most are) loves to visit, follows me everywhere even perched in wood shop last night while I was planing some stuff for my granddaughters bed. She promised to lay an egg for me but I haven’t seen it yet, How long should I hide her out (her name is Mrs. Cluck Cluck)


I’d see if she delivers on that egg promise before making any hasty decisions. She sounds like a plucky chick!

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Gosh, this is a serious question, tnt. For starters, I think I’d shelter Mrs. Cluck Cluck for as long as the weather is fowl.

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Well… once she’s got a name, you can hardly turn her in, can you?

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The age old joke “why did the chicken cross the road” obviously to get to tlamb’s house! I think the real question here is do they sell auto cleaning chicken coups? Goggle? Can you train a chicken to use a litter box?..


Sadly my wife just informed me you CAN potty train chickens. She also just forwarded me this link: I’m bit concerned with the political climate in this country right now though. I’m not sure its the best time to sponsor a sanctuary porch.

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But is it a red hen?

Yes she is , but with white ears (her egg will be white when it comes)

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She’s very cute! Just watch out for hawks.

Hahahaha this conversation made my morning :slight_smile:



Eggscuse me for saying so, but i too needed this thread today. Many thanks.:slight_smile:

Very long day for me, came here to see what’s going on… did’t expect this. Can’t say I’m opposed to it, though. Looking forward to more news on the chicken.

I’ve heard that red it where it’s at in the US.

“What Do We Want?”

Save Mrs Cluck Cluck!!

“When Do We Want It?”


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Maybe she’s the answer to all our prayers! Does she seem to have all her faculties?

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I have discovered Mrs. Cluck Cluck is of loose moral character. She ran off with the wild turkeys this morning. Not sure we’ll take her back when she discovers they are all puff and no character…


Well. How fickle is that?
And I was ready to suggest that we adopt her as our LWPsA mascot.

And it was going so well … mind you, those turkeys are lookers.

tntlamb, you have a very interesting life!!!