For Organic Ketchup!

You did it! Good job getting it uploaded. That is one MASSIVE bird! I bet you will have leftovers for months! LOL!

My husband is canning it and freezing it as we speak! I am not sure how I feel about canning meat but he is going through what I call his "Daniel Boone" phase. He loves figuring out self sufficiant skills. He is making a real hobby of it! And where we live is very rural and on the side of one of the mountains in Vermont so I benefit greatly from his hobby!

That is quite the bird! And why not can meat. At least when you lose power you don't lose the food.

I canned meat last week… My husband did the heavy lifting but it was my idea. I love canning but I had never canned meat before. I am just like that, wanting to learn new skills. Plus we have an emergency food supply and many of our dry soups and foods called for ground beef so I canned it and it turned out great! Your bird is gorgeous.