A Good Day

I'm tired now. But its a good kind of tired, a happy kind of tired. The tired you get when you moved around a lot, enough that you can feel your muscles kind of ache because you know that you did a little more than normal. That you tried a little harder than usual. I'm so happy that I got to go outside today and at least try to garden with my mom, and I actually got to go around the block. I think that if I keep up biking this up coming week I might be able to bike around the block twice the week after? I don't want to push myself to far but I REALLY want to bike further. I did lose 3 pounds which is great! I've been really trying to eat better and in better portions. Sometimes I do have chocolate and such but that can't be helped haha. I'm doing good so far. The sun today did wonders for my toe, back, and shoulders!