2004 MRI of hips and pubic symphysis

This MRI is from 2004. No one here has degenerative hip problems or chronic osteitis pubis, right?

This is what the radiologist had to say, but there was no physician follow-up: Hip joints show early degenerative changes with acetabular sclerosis. Slight irregularity to the pubic symphysis consistent with chronic osteitis pubis.

I'm checking out for a while for my Granddaughter's 4th birthday but I'll check back later.

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Oh, and most recently (few months ago), my facet joints are having problems in L4-L5:

There is a diffuse disc bulge with a larger right foraminal

component as well as mild buckling of ligamentum flavum and facet

arthropathy causing moderate right lateral recess stenosis and

foraminal narrowing.

You and I share many of the same issues! Back surg in 08 then facet joint problems! Started in my feet, hands(sausage) at times and they ache! All normal labs and X-rays so far aside from facet joints and upper back! Never looked at hands but feet normal! It is so hard to know what is right and what to do!