03/12 First PT visit

OK, I had my first physical therapy visit. I am really glad I got this referral. I am sure this will be beneficial for me. With the initial assessment I received from the physical therapist, I felt that some of my concerning symptoms were finally evaluated. One of my main concerns has been my right leg. This has been concerning me for several years actually, with intense pain and stiffness most days, worse with activity. My entire leg wants to externally rotate and it takes effort to hold my leg in a normal anatomic position. I found out at PT that my leg is very weak. She said that I have some weakness in my "good" left leg also, but I have actually strengthened it because I have been putting more body weight on my left leg than on my weaker right leg for so long, although we have to correct that gait imbalance, it actually helped me to keep my muscles strong in that leg and strong muscles are really beneficial.

Anyway, I have some flexibility exercises to slowly work on independently at home for my bad right leg, and will be getting 1 hour of PT twice a week to work on strengthening both legs, with one much weaker than the other. It will not take away the arthritis, but it will help significantly.

I am just so pleased. I have little control over this disease, but strengthening my legs, although it will be difficult and painful, is something I can do.

That’s great! It stands to reason that pain in one leg will make you favour it, which would cause an imbalance of strength. Getting your muscles strong will certainly help support your poor suffering joints.
I’m glad you got that referral too! Keep up the good work.

Thanks ladies! I am really happy about it.