Physical Therapy

Who here participates in a PT program? If yes, does it have benefits?

I am not currently doing pt, but am a frequent flyer. Strengthening up the muscles around joints helps support them better. I get a pt referral when I have joints that are troublesome over a period of time. So for example, when I realized that it took very little to cause shoulder pain and that I was fairly weak, it was time to go.
It can be an important part of your treatment program.

It definitely helps. The muscles in my legs, arms and back were extremely weak. Idk what yours feel like, but my legs and back would get very tired and sore with just a little walking--I'm talking about walking more than a block--I could barely do it. The place I've gone to has strengthening equipment they taught me to use and also a contraption called MedX, which they strap you into and you lift weights with your back or neck. When I first started on the MedX 3 years ago, my back had the strength of a 90 year old! After several months of 2x a week, my back strength was at the bottom of the normal range for my age. I had intended to keep up with the workout equipment at their facility, but got complacent and stopped working out there. If I had continued with the workout regimen they had set up for me, I might not have ended up with the back pain I had several weeks ago. I was going there recently, but just for massage therapy on my back and neck. I've had PT a couple other times years ago (in my 30s and 40s)--I swear by it. They stress strengthening along with massage-which makes very much sense to me.

I wonder if it is something my insurance would pay for? I will have to give them a call.

I recently got into a series of hydrotherapy sessions. (The longer story is that I am switching insurance plans because I was being jerked around, and when I noticed that the old plan covered 100% of physio, I soaked them for all they would give me before the poliicy expired. I wasn’t expecting anything good.) The physio tailored the exercises to my problem areas – legs and feet (which I thought were hopeless). In addition to once a week with the physiotherapist, I do two sessions on my own in the pool. About two months in, I’m starting to notice a payoff – I am much, much steadier on my feet, and I think I’m noticing a bit of pain reduction. I also like the way my jeans are fitting!

I’m now on a less generous insurance plan, but I intend to squeeze in a “refresher” session with the physio about once a month or so. And I’m continuing the work in the pool on my own. I’m a convert to physio! I say, give it a try and see what they can do for you.

My Grandaughter and I go twice a week together. We go to the PT school at the university. In the US call your local Arthritis Association. One of our goals is to have a program in every community we sreve. (We are darn close)

To find your local office:

Some of the Various Programs:

These programs are either low or no cost. Some private facilities sponsor the programs and have a minimal charge. A PT referal is not a bad idea as you can get some very specific help.

Looks like there are no programs in my area via the National Arthritis Foundation. Looks my insurance does cover it, to what extent, I am not sure. I'll look into it more, but I wonder if I even have the time to go. Thanks for all the info.