Yoga ... a word of caution

I know that many of us find yoga to be soothing and restorative. But here’s an article that raises an issue about our vulnerable hips:

I’m not sure it deserves a place in our Research articles because it isn’t particularly scientific, peer reviewed, etc. But I do believe it’s worthy of some thought.

Thanks. Good to take note and be aware of possible issues. I've been doing a bit of yoga but limiting myself on which moves I do. I don't force anything or try to do too much.

Thanks for this Seenie, I used to do both yoga and Pilates until about 10 years ago (along with netball, squash and badminton) when I found I had more and more trouble being able to attain the positions needed in both and started to concentrate on more general stretching exercises that didn’t hurt.
Shibashi Tai Chi , swimming and walking are what I can do now.