I am so relieved. Just got off the phone with prescription plus… my Simponi was actually approved this time. And I will have it before my next dose is due.
Things are looking up.
I also have cut way back, almost no gluten in my diet and have a major reduction in joint pain. I’m hungry all the time ( I miss my bread!) But can totally live without. Now to look over that website that listed gluten free beer!

Awesome news!!!!

Going gluten-free seems daunting at first. You can totally do it! I'm completely gluten-free (celaic) and thought it was going to be really difficult. I've actually found that I feel so much better, I can't imagine eating gluten at this point. And most of the gluten-free desserts I've had (in gf specialty shops, gf-friendly restaurants, and many recipes I've tried) are fabulous. I had the best cupcake I've ever eaten on Monday and it was gf/df.

I almost forgot - my favorite gf beer is Green's! Here's a link that may be helpful in that area: