I got my Enbrel in yesterday and I head to the Dr this afternoon for my first dose!! 3 and a half years of begging doctors for something that would HELP and being told Mobic is the strongest we can give you is OVER! I'm not looking for a miracle here I'm just ready for some relief so I will gladly take what it has to offer. :)

Congrats!!! That is awesome.

I’ll follow your progress,I had my first shot of Enbrel on Wednesday,having another on Monday.Humira wasn’t working for me,here’s to good times :slight_smile:

Good luck and hope all goes well X

I wish you success Shutterbug! You are very wise in not expecting a miracle, but I am hoping that it can give you some relief. It has helped me, given me some good days and some very good days!

That must be such a relief for you :slight_smile: I had my 2nd injection just last week of Embrel. Like you, I am not after a wonder drug, just something that I can get some relief from. Just curious, why did it take over three years for you to get Embrel?

Rusty it took my 3 years to find a doctor that was willing to look into my problems. I had over 6 doctors and they all agreed I was just changing too many diapers. It was really frustrating to deal with.

I hope you have as much success as I have on the Enbrel.