Could use a hug - waiting on Enbrel

Good morning.

My health has taken a real turn in the last few weeks. After diagnosis last fall I had a few flare-ups, painful but brief (24-72 hours). My meds were increased each step of the way. Now, since Feb 1, it's been one long flare, with particular problems with my hands and thumbs. Basic tasks in the home or office are now difficult or impossible. I take pain meds now on a scheduled basis and they make it livable but not pain-free.

Doc has approved Enbrel and insurance says it will cover but I'm in that 2 week approval dance with lots of hoops to jump through.

Feeling discouraged, particularly if I look long-term and think how this may affect me and my family and my career down the road.

It's very easy to feel discouraged at the beginning, as the future is so unclear and it's all so new. There may well be adjustments that need to be made, but it's hard to determine how much at this point. I hope the Enbrel works for you when you start taking it.

I got approval for my Humira in a day or two. Have you called Enbrel and asked them to help? They seem to be in heated competition with Humira for business and I know they will do everything possible to get you the med. Humira is open 7 days a week to answer questions and help register in the Humira co-pay program and I bet Enbrel is also.

Enbrel: Call 1-888-4ENBREL (1-888-436-2735) for one-on-one assistance. Live support is available in over 200 languages.

Payment Assistance info: First 6 months of ENBREL at no out‑of‑pocket cost to you

Available to eligible patients* ENROLL NOW

My first try to get Remicade took over 2 weeks, I gave up and started Humira. Now I'm with a new doc, new infusion center and they got approval for my Remicade in 2 days ! Don't let them make you wait any longer !

Another thought is to ask your doc to follow up for you or his office -don't know if that would help?



The first hurdle was just the bloodwork to make sure I was negative for TB. Now, it's a matter of getting the right specialty pharmacy provided by my insurance. My husband is working with his health ins rep through HR on this. Should not be a problem but will take a few days hopefully not a week or more. :o(

Usually pharmacy benefits are outsourced to a pharmacy benefits manager. company. Get the customer service number for the PBM and call them. They should be able to help you quickly.

Sending hugs. I too will be starting Enbrel but not as soon as you. I know I can't wait any longer because the PsA is progressing.. I am hoping it helps with my quality of life, not diminish it. I hope that for you too.

Hugs and more hugs to you. I am into my second week of my third month on Embrel. I have improved so much. My walking has improved. My stride is wider when I walk and I no longer shuffle like a penguin. I am not waking up stiff and all ceased up. I still have some off days especially when the weather is bad and the day or so before I am due again for my next injection. I am not back to how I once was and maybe that will never happen. My pain is less and in less joints and this helps me cope better. I do hope you will soon start improving too.

Hey Piganli,


When I first started Enbrel it took about a month and I felt pretty good!

Hope it helps you!

Hugs to you. Have benn taking enbrel for 8 weeks. Have seen some improvement and hoping for more

I am so sorry to hear that you are having a rough time. Sometimes, dealing with this can be so frustrating! It’s really corrny, but try to stay positive. Have some faith that the Enbrel will work, that you will get insurance approval faster, and that you will start to feel better soon. Thinking like this is the only thing that gets me through the rough patches. Its hard to do sometimes, but I make myself and it’s starting to become a habit. I hope that the enbrel ends up being your miracle drug, and that things start looking up for you.

I am sending you some :slight_smile: happy thoughts :slight_smile: and ((((warm hugs)))) and wishing you less pain.

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Thanks so much for the support. I'm feeling very encouraged. I do travel a lot and am out of town after Wed this week so I have to just tell myself the approval will come before I leave for the next trip late next week.

Sending you good wishes for a speedy insurance approval.