Women: Do your joint aches feel like PMS aches?

I completed menopause four months ago, but 19 days ago awoke feeling like I was going to have a period, and it's been that way since. That same "PMSey" joint aching in the ankles, low back, upper hamstrings, wrists and neck, sometimes with a low abdominal cramp ("uterine" or "pelvic" cramp).

If you've ever had PMS joint aches, you know exactly what I mean. Is this how PsA joint aches feel?

This information would help me, as I foresee a visit in the very near future with a rheumatologist.

Gynecologist doesn't feel this is gyn related, especially since it's systemic (ankles--particularly back of, and wrists).

The achiness makes me want to keep stretching and cracking my ankles and wrists, and twisting my back to get the bones to pop. And I want to keep stretching my hamstrings--same as when I used to have PMS.

Do women with PsA get low ab cramps with it? I realize PsA can affect hips or sacro joints.

By the way, my brother has PsA, but I don't know the details of his symptoms other than he mentioned it affects his ankles.

I have never really thought about it that way.. But all weekend I have been feeling like I'm on that time of the month achy everywhere but i haven't had a period in 3 years (due to IUD). my pain as been in my low back and hips my SI joints are flaring right now.

I do get the dull ache that you are talking about in my abdomen when I'm premenstrual and cramping, but it's not the same type of ache for me. The hormonal stuff is clearly muscular in nature, whereas my PsA ache is deeper, and joint only.

That said, it's not unusual for me to have an increase in pain prior to my period, and the pain usually dissipates in the 24 hours preceding my period, when the hormone levels shift. I don't know if that's helpful to you, but there can be an inflammatory component to PMS.

hello I know with me I have had both my ovaries removed and my uterius to I have psa I was having like I told my rheum that the only way I could describe it was like I was having my monthly my upper legs wre trobbing so bad hot baths seem to take it right away the minute I hit it instant stop aching but also my neck arms lower back I was disgnoised with fibermialgia the best thing that helps me on them real bad days is the hot soak in the tub bengay pain pill and my warm heating blanket hope this has helped have a good day