Why is it that when you have a few good weeks & you think you cracked the right meds does your body think SCREW YOU & everything comes back :frowning:
I’m a little mad right now,I go back to the DR next week but it seems like every time I’m nearly due to see her I feel like crap. One day I want to go in & say YAY I feel fabulous,haha I wish!

I hate it when that happens!!! Lots of love to you. Take deep breaths. Take notes so if you are feeling better by the time you get to the doctor you can fill her in on everything accurately. I think one of the most difficult parts of this disease to deal with is that we can have our meds basically figured out and be on an even keel and still have a flare that knocks us on our butts. I hope you're on the mend soon!

Hahaha! LindseyLou this cracked me up. I have the same urge to want to see my rheumatologist and actually be well and not need his services. I've had it both ways. I've gone in fr an appointment and been doing great only to crash and burn two days later. And I've had times where I've barely been able to walk into his office.

My girlfriend always encourages me to not sugar coat it with the doctor. I have a tendency to want to put a good face on it. She believes that letting him see the absolute worst is probably a better idea because then I'm more likely to get the treatment I need. Anyway--I hope you get some new meds figured out and that you start to feel better soon. Cheers!

I know the feeling! But mine is usually the other way round…How are you feeling? Not too bad thanks … Then my body goes Kersplat!! and I feel rubbish with the next appointment 6 months away…very frustrating!

Groan.... been there done that! I get a good few weeks at some point after changing meds, think "this time is it! I'll be under control again!...and then it all goes to hell. I would love to get back to the point where I don't know my rheumy enough to ask how his vacation was.