What questions should I ask for neurologist visit?

Tuesday is my next testing day. I have to go to the neurlologist to have the electrode test (like they do for carpal tunnel) on my feet. Since I never associated my back issues with PsA, I haven't researched it as much as the other aspects of PsA. This test will tell us if the lack of feeling in my toes is a neurological issue, a pinched nerve issue, or if it is the lack of B-12 (if the others are negative, it would support the B-12 deficiency). Is there any other specific PsA questions I should ask him while I am there?

Hi there, Diva

I just went for this testing ten days ago, also because of the numbness/tingling in my feet. The tests were very mildly uncomfortable and annoying, that's the worst I can say about it. Nice doc, nice tech, but the zap .. zap ... zap ... zap ... aren't we finished yet? LOL. No biggie.

I can't think of anything to ask beyond what you've thought of. It'll be interesting to see what your results show. My testing showed that the nerves in my feet are healthy and functioning properly. Whew, heaving deep sigh of relief. Neuro's best guess is that the numbness and tingling is simply caused by the pressure of swelling, and he said he thinks that when the rheumy finds the right drug to control the disease, the numbness and tingling should disappear.

Something else that's interesting: I went to the orthopedic surgeon (my tkr guy) about the the Baker's Cyst. Bottom line on it is that nothing should be done. While I was there, we discussed the feet issue, and he did a few simple physical tests. One of the tests suggests a pinched nerve in my back. Well I'll be ... I've never had back problems. Or I never thought I had back problems ... LOL. So whatever! Always something new with this disease!

Anyway, good luck with the neuro and let us know what you find out.

Dear Diva,

I found that there is very little to ask, the ones I went to were so efficent in their medical Specialty that there was little I had to ask, in my case, I was still in search of a diagnosis, that did not come from my time with him. I did learn that my nerves were in good shape, even the sciatic leg, and that I did have mild CT, which could not have been causing the 'hammering pain' in my wrists, so sometimes you learn things through the process of elimination.

I hope that all of your nerves are healthy and he can remedy any problems you have.

My best to you,


Well, the visit with the neurologist went well. He confirmed I have nerve damage/neuropathy in my right foot. At one point, I felt absolutely nothing so I figured he would confirm it. He feels it is from the b-12 deficiency as well but is going to go over the information more before returning his results to my GP. I admit it scared me when the pulsing stopped for 3 minutes or so. I then asked him if I should be feeling something at that point because I felt nothing. He confirmed he was still testing and that made me nervous. On the plus side, I have more confirmation that I am not crazy or making it up. Now if we can get it under control, I will be able to exercise again and get on with life. For clarification, the neuropathy got worse after I started medication for PsA so I probably had the deficiency prior to diagnosis but I believe the meds and diet changes made it worse. Each test is a baby step toward getting this all figured out.

Dear Diva,

I am truly sorry to hear of the nerve damage, but knowing is always best, firstly to put your mind at ease that you haven't lost it. I understand that feeling all too well. Secondly, now that you do know you can get busy on the B12. Will they give you regular shots, will you take pills or will you use the sublingual, like I do? Surprisingly it is tasteless, and a beautiful color. I have heard and read both sides of the benefits or liquid vs pill, though I would imagine that the shot would be most effective.

What a continuous circle of tests we go through trying to untangle all of this!

I wish you well,


I have already started on the shots - in fact, I am having my third in about an hour. They will be monthly shots but for the first month, I am getting them weekly. I have already noticed a difference even though they didn't think I would feel any difference for a month or so. Baby steps. . .

Hi Diva,

Noticing a difference already is great! Goes to show you that you are heading in the right direction! I am glad for you!