What medications are best?

Im on methotrexate and embral. I'm not sure what the methotrexate is doing but im starting to get wore out, and my imune system is more out of whack . my face is swelling up so i might be allergic to the methotrexate. I heard that methotrexate is poison. Has any one had any luck with enbral by itself. What meds work good for psoriatic arthiritis and psoriasis. I've learned i have to advocate for myself when i see the doctor.....

Initially enbrel by itself was good for me but I now take a small dose of prednisone 6mg with it and that is working well.

Hello Donna!

So nice of you to post!

As yet I have not taken many meds for this, the first was Sulfasalazine, no help for the PsA, came down with a stomach ulcer. Second drug, Methotrexate, no help for the PsA, mouth full of blisters inside and out, Rheum says cause was MX.

Am currently 8 shots into Enbrel, have already had some very good days with it, though am currently having a flare, possibly from A/C, possibly from another of my autoimmune diseases.

I have to be very careful taking Prednisone, though the results can be good, I can only tolerate a very light dose, otherwise it drastically increases sleep problems, and makes me extremely irritable and anxious.

Congrats on the Psoriatic Arthritis Charity walk in San Fran! Please share this experience, and also tell everyone about joining as a volunteer for Psoriatic Arthrisis Foundation. We are most fortunate to have you join our group! Welcome!