What day for Remicade infusion

I'm about to start on Remicade infusions, starting at 500mg and getting up to the 1000mg level. I take 15mg of Methotrexate on Sundays. So far so good with that. A bit rough on Monday AM but nothing I can't push through. I'm thinking of doing my infusions late Monday afternoon so I don't have to miss any work. I just wondering if you specific days you get your infusions and why. Thanks for any insights.

I usually get my infusions on Fridays, as my husband is home and I usually have a 24-30 hour "remicade hangover" afterwards when I don't feel like doing much of anything useful. Everyone reacts differently, though - there are some people who go for an infusion and live their lives normally afterwards.

I get mine on late Thursday afternoon, after work hours and I am off the next day. Ideally if possible try to give yourself 24 hours for any side effects you may experience wears off. I always get tired & drained. Good luck & keep us posted.