What are your summer plans?

Is there anything you do to help keep your disease under control in the summer, with travel, picnics, vacations, home projects, etc?

This summer my 15yr old has day camps for 8 weeks straight. I think I'm going to be taking my 12yo and his friends to the beach a lot. I pulled a nifty rolling crate out of the garage so I don't need to carry anything from the parking lot to the beach, I can just roll it. If I pack the night before it will help. Tomorrow is inaugural beach day with some friends.

I'm still never completely recovered from last year's 10 day road trip down the Pacific Coast, so, not trips planned.

I will be attending my daughters swim meets in Cincy, Nashville and Atlanta.

I like to take my vacations during the school year because I'm an empty nester. I may go to the Psoriasis Foundations Conference July 26-29 in Chicago. Still looking for a female roomie if anyone wants to go .

We leave for Camp Calumet in about three weeks, for 9 days. The eldest three kids will be at resident camp there, the fourth child at day camp, and the youngest with my husband and I at family camp. We'll do the activities they offer there and spend lots of time at the beach. I'm hoping to do some hiking as well, but we'll have to see how it goes. I have a Remicade infusion that day before vacation, so I'm hoping for a good week.

We have a bag on big wheels that we put our beach stuff in to walk from our campsite to the beach, and that helps a bunch.

Besides that, we have nothing planned as far as vacations go. We will hit the beach every once in a while and do park days with friends. My five kids will most likely have a bunch of friends over a lot, so that alone will be enough activity! LOL My daughter is hoping to have a tag sale next weekend to help raise money for a trip to Israel she's hoping to make in Feb 2014 (with me!), and will also be doing lots of gluten-free baking to raise money as well, if all goes well with her fundraising. (If you'd like to read more, you can check out her blog: http://fuzzyyellowhorse.blogspot.com/.)

For me, keeping PsA under control with all of our activities comes down to finding a balance between movement and rest, and paying attention to what my body is telling me in order to not overdo it.