Water exercise and back pain

So my rheumy wanted me to start water aerobics..."it will help your joints". Ok, I went to the class this morning and 15 mins in I couldn't stand the back pain anymore. I was told I was doing things right, but still had the pain (L5-S1 Anterior Spondylolithesis; Sacroilitis).

Does anyone here have this issue while doing water aerobics? My PT told me if it causes pain don't do it...tenderness is ok; slight discomfort is ok but NOT pain.

Hi Alma, i used to go to water aerobics, then my TKR got loose..We did kick and do a lot.They have a water walking class, would prob be better for me...I liked when we tucked floaties under our amrs..and went off to the deep end, and

bicyled in the deep water ..see if they have a water walking class, a lot of seniors go to that one and i am certainly a senior..ha ha

I was at the beach yesterday and I thought I would be sore today but I guess being in the water was really good to stretch out my joints

I do an arthritis class in the "program pool" 88-92 dgress but it is not an aeobics class. I stop or float from my noodle if I reach a "pain" level not just discomfort. I do this 2-3 times a week but lay off if I have a severe flare. I do find with pool or any exercise I do have to build up my tolerance. It really is tricky to use my muscles enough to keep them strong by challenging them but not so much to stress them and cause pain. I say these days I may no longer be able to dance but I am a mental ballerina! I think it probably challanges all of us with PsA to find an activity that is right for us but it is a moving target! At least we are all in it together! I have recently started a Zumba Gold class. I am a bit young for it but they have welcomed me with open arms. Some dance beautifully and some just keep the beat going from their walkers and canes. I have been very lucky to find groups that I am welcome in and can work to my level. Sometimes I "shuffle" through half the class, sometimes more but I am free to work from my level and sit in a chair when it hurts but always get to try the fancy hand work from India, Jamaica and other wonderful places. And I do not get bored as I have with other exercises. Good Luck finding what works for you and be sure and let us know! We might get good ideas.

Dear Alma,

Sorry this was not a good idea for you, it did me nothing but good until I could not stand the water temp even in the heated pool, but it was never properly regulated either. Raynaud's put the clencher on me in the pool period, well that and those muscle attacks, but have not had a single one since starting the Enbrel 3 months ago.

I was told that about any exercise, that if it causes you that much pain to stop!

May want to talk to Doc, see what he thinks!



Thanks for the responses. I did talk to my PT and he said what you all did. If you reach pain stop or at the very least back way off. Keep the first few times short and just do walking in the water. So I have tried that and am still playing around with it. I did try the bicycling in the deep end today with my noodle. That caused no pain so I will stick with that one. I have also found out that the treadmill is my friend where pavement is not and definately not uneven surfaces. I have been instructed to avoid anything that jars the spine. Running, jumping and horseback riding are out and as my PT says no chasing cars either. Gotta keep it light you know. SK, I can somewhat sympathize with you on the water temp. The pool we have here is not heated or covered. If the water is too cool I can't get in, it is like my whole body seizes up and the pain is awful. So if I get my SSDI then I will check into the Y for the winter time.

I would love to walk in a pool but my problem is I cannot get my sui on because my hands and shoulders do not work!

I miss my water aerobics class so much - I had a great time with the exercise but the pool does not have steps (just the ladder thingy) and it hurts my hands to get out of it. I'm hoping to start with the local YMCA but have to wait to see if I can afford it - contract hasnt been settled for the upcoming year. I have done water aerobics for almost ten years and have discovered the key is understanding your own limits. The exercises can be modified and only you know what you can handle and what you can't handle. The important thing is that you are moving your body in some way and even if you just tread water for the time, you are getting more exercise than you do at home watching tv.

I know, I really miss the water too. It is about the most soothing of all movements for me. Guess I need to win the lottery and have my own super heated pool, with a hunky pool boy to take care of it while we're at it! That would beat chasing cars, Alma!