I have been given the go ahead to start exercising

I have been given the go ahead by my doctor to start exercising. I went to water aerobics Tuesday night and last night. So far so good. Both days when I went, my feet and ankles were all swelled up from the arthritis and later that night after the water aerobics, my feet and ankles went down to normal size. I take 20mg of Lasix everyday and that does not even take the swelling off my ankles. I think I like the water aerobics. Has anyone else had success with water aerobics?

Good for you. The water itself is likely what helped as much as the movement, in helping with the swelling. There are a number of people on the site who really like swimming and other water exercise.

I went swimming in my friends pool yesterday and it felt great to be able to move! Unfortunately I live on a small island so swimming is seasonal. We also have a hot tub so I’m thinking of maybe using it to do some light exercises.

That sounds great ! I haven't tried it. So good to hear positive results.

Great news for you ! I've started aqua therpay, not aerobics yet. I'm glad you're having such good results!

I find I always feel better once I have been in the water. Even just floating helps. I find the water gives the right amount of resistance. But I have to be careful not to over do it as I tend to feel so much better in the water. I tend to hurt more the next day