Update on progress... and plans

Well it had been over 2 months now since surgery. Im doing much better in some ways, but some new problems have pooped up.

My left foot is healing really well, however I am in a full blown flare and I have to start Remicade. It takes over a month to get all the insurance and paperwork done!! Ugh...However there is a program to help pay for some of the cost. I get my 1st infusion next week on Sep 11th.

My right heal where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heal has been so painful I have been limping around and cant put any weight on it at all. Walking on the ball of my foot. Today the pain started going away, but my back is aching!!!! Hope its just from sleeping wrong!

Feeling hopeful!!


I’m glad to hear that your recovery from surgery has gone well. Just remember that sometimes when we protect one area (like your heel), we can make other parts sore.

I’m glad to hear you’re so close to starting new medication.

You’re making progress, and to me it sounds like it’s going in the right direction! Like Stoney says, favouring one part (your heel) may be putting a bit of strain on your back. Not surprising that it should be aching!
Good like with the start of the Remicade!

hi Sarah...I hope you get to the bottom of what is causing you the pain Sometimes back pain can come from walking differently than you are used to. HOpefully once your foot heals, your back pain will resolve. I have Psoratic Spondylitis where the vertebrae in my back are fusing. It is quite painful and now I have a lot of restriction on my movement...I cannot turn my head at ...nor can I bend to touch my feet. I hope your situatioin is just stiffness from sleeping or the way your walk and nothing more serious.

God bless you...I will pray for you right now.