Trial drug

Has anybody seen this, just got an email about it today

Good, another one! The more options the better. Sounds great for psoriasis especially. Thanks for posting this Sheltie!

Such good news, thank you Sheltie, for posting it. The more of these medications that are developed, the better the chances are of finding one that is going to work. Besides, I suspect that having more meds to choose from will also act to drive the prices down a bit.

The last time I was at the PsA clinic, I asked a rheumatology resident why she would choose a specialty where everyone is in pain, and everyone is incurable. She said that she didn’t think she could have done rheumatology at all before the advent of the biological drugs. So maybe the availality of really good therapies such as these will also mean more and better rheumatologists in the long run.

Thanks again, Sheltie