Longitudinal study of clinical and radiological progression in psoriatic arthritis

Just read this study....your thoughts in regards would be appreciated.

It has me questioning my reasoning's for starting the journey of finding the right medication. Especially the last statement :

Thus, despite active treatment and a reduction in joint inflammation and in rate of damage, psoriatic arthritis may be a progressively deforming arthritis, even during 5 years of followup.


Thanks Sybil....I didn't pay attention to the date on the study! I just read the book and again you're right, it states there has been some progress when using biologics. Thanks for your comments! Feeling a lot better now :-)

sybil said:

First thoughts are that it's quite an old study from 1990 & a lot has changed since then. The drugs mentioned seem quite old-fashioned too, certainly no biologics!

One of the authors, Gladman, is I think a co-author of the book Seenie recommends 'Psoriatic Arthritis - The Facts' which also emphasises that PsA is serious & potentially deforming. That finding has come about relatively recently I believe and it's important for us patients as it paved the way for suitably aggresive treatments where necessary. So hopefully that conclusion no longer holds true & studies like that one should have helped persuade rheumies to take PsA more seriously.

There is the proof you are looking for..... This 20 yearold study used injections and gold and no DMARDS or biologicals. Nice catch Sybil. The study would have to have started in at least 1985. As I recall gold and steroid injections was going to cure us......

Yes, that’s an old study but no matter, as Lamb says, it makes a good point. Yes, DD Gladman is the co-author of “The Facts” book, and she is also the lady in the video on the main page of this site. She has made PsA and Lupus her life’s work. (I believe she started in the late 70s.) I think her name appears on more PsA reference lists than anybody else’s!

Just watched the video. Thanks! I will be calling my Rheumatologist's office this week. She mentioned Enbrel during our previous conversation, however added Sulfasalazine. I'm going ask if I can switch to a biologic. I will also see my gp and notify him of the latest flare/swelling. I have taken pictures again, it seems to be more a tendon that is inflamed in front part of my left foot along with pain at the base of my big toe.

Thanks again,