Went on holidays with family- lots or driving. Rented a scooter and tried to conserve energy. Now sick as a dog and the ONLY road to oh me is closed due to Forrest fires. Ack! 110 active fires in NWT and one road in. Not sure but am thinking that stress is not helping. Anyone have a suggestion to help with cold. Used my bit c and increased my green tea. If I can survive we may make a fun for home if winds change in am but it is a 20hr drive. Have page in meds, splints and tens machine .

Rest, fluids, chicken soup or at the very least chicken broth. Check with your pharmacist about meds that you can take OTC, but a lot of people recommend Neti Pots for sinus congestion.(Once you get past feeling like drowning)

Ride it out, wash your hands, and hunker down. Stay safe!

Awful early for fire season. For cold medicine especially summer colds, and I'm dead serious: 1 1/2oz whiskey, 1 TBS LOCAL honey, 1TBS lemon juice, mixed with 6 oz boiling water. take 2 aspirin (222 if you have them) every 4 hours. Repeat the drink every hour or two. Avoid "cold medicine" decongesta

nts and antihistamines tend to increase arthritis pain.

Don't worry about the fires, enjoy the extra beautiful sunsets. They can always air drop supplies or get you out the same way. The fire bosses have that stuff wired. Think how easy laying in fire wood will be.

And if you don’t happen to have your Neti Pot with you in the wilderness, you can always use a steaming bowl of water with a towel.
Relax, you’ll get out. Like Lamb says, enjoy what you can.