Towel exercise for Plantar fascia

Ok gang, here we go, this is from Renie moderator of FMS site, worked for a Rheumy for years...

Take a long towel, roll it and put it under the ball of the foot, SLOWLY and GENTLY pull it back toward your body in slow repetitions. Do this as often as you feel comfortable, especially in the morning when this can be at it's worse. By all means go to your Doctor if this is not a help to you.

A bottle with frozen water is good too (gets the spasms out of the way quick.....)

You mean rolling the foot over it? Someone told me that may work for bone spurs on the ball of the foot, the rolling the foot.

The towel exercise usually does wonders for me! It isn't working its usual magic in this last go round, though. But I would NEVER quit doing that, as I believe it has headed off a great deal of trouble over the years!

Hmmm, the frozen water bottle sounds intriguing. This is a great idea, too!