Achilles! What about enthesitis?

Hi- apparently Achilles tendon issues are my new symptom. I guess it got tired of plantar facscitis. I had a bad bought of it once before about 2 months ago and had to wear an air soft cast. This time I am a bit more worried because I took levaquin about 3 weeks ago and I know it can cause tendons to rupture.
What do you do to treat this? I can’t take anymore steroids right now. Ice or heat?

Ice and elevation will help to reduce inflammation. Heat will increase blood flow to the area.

I feel your pain! I mean I sympathize and I have it too! I find the ice helps a bit in the short term, but I have yet to find out what works for the long term. I do some stretching of the achilles tendon several times a day, but it is still a problem for me all day, every day and I am at a loss as to what to do. I am hoping that as my disease gets better, this too will improve. Sorry I don't have much better advice to add than ice. I am contemplating seeing a podiatrist though to see if they have any short term "fixes" of anything to help me out until the meds kick in.

Good luck to you Sharon

Im in the same boat also.... i find that if i wear my merrill brand sneakers all the time except when in bed or the shower that seems to ease the pain not take it away but take it back to a level that is almost bearable... and of course stretch the leg out and point the toes upward that at least gets me back to walking like a human again (of course that is if my back lets me straighten up).

I have problems with my achilles tendons also. In summer I wear sandals with a cork and composite sole by Naot. In the winter I wear clogs by KLOGS with support knee highs in either nude or black. No one knows they aren't regular knee highs under my pants. I swim 3 days a week and soak in either the hot tub at my gym or in the bath tub at home in very hot water with epsom salts. I am on Enbrel, mtx, celebrex and Tylenol or sometimes Vicodin. When I get tendonitis some where I put either Salonpas or Tiger Balm patches right on it. My husband knows it is a bad day when I am head to toe in patches! Usually then I take off all the patches, take a Vicodin, get in a hot tub and break out the heating pads! Sometimes I alternate heat and ice. That seems to covince it to heal more quickly! I hope this helps.

Not fun. I started having problems with the Achilles tendons back in March, which is when I was started on methotrexate. Rest and ice were helpful, and I am now doing physical therapy to strengthen everything up, as it progressed to all of the tendons in my ankles. I also wear orthotics that are somewhat helpful. I wish I could swim regularly, but don't have regular pool access.

This is a really frustrating problem. I am still having difficulties with it. I have had no relief from my meds yet, and have not yet gone to the podiatrist, so I am still suffering. I find that either my Birkenstocks, or Mephisto shoes help a bit, and wearing them also in the house, rather than barefoot or slippers helps, but really, it is so painful I end up walking like a duck most of the time...or so my daughter tells me. (at least thats what she thinks I look like...between the lack of mobility in my SI joints/back and my Achillies problem, I am sure I probably do!!...I might need to change my screen name to duckfeet or something!!)

I also have recurring problems with my achilles tendon. Back when it first happened, I didn't know I had PsA and the podiatrist couldn't figure out why I was having problems but he put me in a walking boot thing (the one you can take off and on, strapping yourself in with velcro straps) for about 6 weeks. Rather than wear that grubby boot at night, the podiatrist said I could wear a dorsal night splint. Now, when my achilles starts making its presence known, I'll start wearing the dorsal splint again at night and that has really helped keep it from getting bad enough to go back to the walking boot. Hope you find some relief!