Tendinitis Anyone?

Hello all.

I am doing well on the Enbrel. Knee pain is at a minimum. I am having trouble with Tendinitis between my ankle and knee. Basically my whole lower leg, on both sides. Rhemy said to give it time, and I am. I just wanted to see who else here had tendon pain as well.

No, I haven't been walking since it's 100+ degrees F outside everyday! Yes, I could go for a walk in the morning, but it's difficult getting me and a 5 year old out the door before the temps warm up. I have been walking in the pool occasionally. School starts in one week, then I will have more rest time.

I do take hot baths and occasionally apply ice. Taking IBU and small does of tramadol.

Tendinitis is pretty common. I sudden.y developed painful shin splints, and then realized that I have the, in both legs, so I’m taking it easy for a bit. But tendinitis is very common with PsA. This is the type of thing that needs to be rested typically in order to get better. You can also ask about physical therapy to improve your situation.

I have more issues with my tendons than anything else. Drugs don't really deal with the pain effectively... So I have started acupuncture / functional integrated therapy and it has helped a lot after even just 2 sessions, with specific indoor exercises in between.

While not an active swimmer, I have been told that it is the # 1 regular activity I should being doing regularly. I hope to start in September...

Epsom salt baths and aloe vera lotions are also helpful.

Thanks. I did try and Epson bath and it did help. Went to the pool this morning to walk the pool. I also have shin splits. Tried running a few years back and developed them. No running now. Just walking.