This is how well I feel - despite no drugs

For those of you who want to believe there is no way you can reduce your body's inflammation your selves- I have been drug free for 6 months after the Humira stopped working. Ive gradually got better and better on my low carb, high fat, gluten free, balanced omega3:6 diet, with absolutely no painkillers or NSAIDs - these disrupt your body's antiiflammatory pathways. Ive just been riding my horse for the past 2 and a half hours in Dartmoor. I can now ride like i did as a teengaer, my joints are so free, no pain when I jump off, and i am planning on getting back into competing. I am 47. I have been through all the drugs and been seriously ill for many of the past 20 years. I instigated this remission through a rigorous and systematic approach to diet, sleep, lifestyle etc. It is not a coincidence. please dont spread the message drugs are the only answer. It just isnt true. unless you have actually challenged the medics as i have done, and chosen health over drug therapy, which is not easy, you might not get there, but to write with the perspective that auto immune diseases can not be reversed is juct not true. Look at Dr terry wahls and her ms - read her account / you tube it. There are other voices out there.