There and back again

Hello and Happy Spring time to you all!

I am once again back feeling a bit like myself. Yay!

My boss allowed me to take a 3 days week-end when I have to do my shot so event if I still sleep the next day away, I still have a somewhat normal week-end.

But now for the real news... with Cimzia working good and keeping me functional I finally got the OK to start trying for a baby. ShyBaby should join us late November and Mr. Warrior and I are very excited. I'm being so closely monitored that I feel like moving to the hospital for convenience but Hey! Whatever needs to be done!

So happy to share this news with you my fellow Warriors!

Much love and all the best to you all!

Shy! That is FANTASTIC NEWS! Thanks for letting us know. It’s so great when people come here to telll about the happy happenings in their lives.
Glad you’re being well-watched. Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

That's so good! Many congratulations and great to hear you sounding so happy and excited!

So happy for you and soon to be daddy! Great news! Wishing you a great pregnancy ( have heard PSA can go dormant wouldn’t that be a nice break!) Oh, how I miss babies!

What an exciting time! Enjoy every moment …

Congrats!! Enjoy this time!!

Thank you all for the good words! Sadly ShyBaby has left us to become an Angel. I miscarried at 15 weeks (foetus age 12weeks) it is one of the hardest times of my life, it started while we were having a trip to Louisiana. My baby

, hopes and dreams were all flushed down a toilet in a iHop in New Orleans... I bit the bullet, so to speak, up until we got back to Canada since I had an appointment on Monday. Results: no more foetus, just a gestational sac... 12 hours later my Rock and Pillar, Mr. Warrior drove me to the emergency with severe blood loss. A transfusion and a few rude comments about how "women with autoimmune diseases should not get themselves pregnant" later (Thanks $#!t#€@d) I'm on bed rest until Friday and have to pick the pieces of me and put on a brave face to go back to work on Monday.

Hopefully I can see someone before then and get a bit more time to mourne and heal my soul.

It's our second loss... but this one was supposed to be out of the "danger zone" that is the 1st semester. I feel weak, vulnerable and totally unable to resume my job. I feel like taking care of my home, my pets, my loved ones and me. Arthritis had subsided while I was pregnant but I was told but that "not so tactful" doctor that it would likely be back with a vengeance (Once again... this @€k€r deserves a permanent nose whistle and loud, stinky farts whenever he is within 3 feet of his mother in law)

If I end up with a major flare on top of that, I'm not sure I can live throughout the pain.

I'm lost for hope here... I don't even have the courage to pick up the phone and call for mental help. I don't know where to call, don't have a family Doctor... I'm used to be the toughest one among my very limited circle (line or narrow wedge would be a more accurate description)

I'm not looking for pity, we know grief but I wanted to let everyone know that it can happen. We won't give up. Even with the lost years behind I do believe we still have a shot at parenthood.

My love and thanks for reading and respecting us in this time of grief. ♡

I read this with a knot in my stomach. I know you don't want pity, that's not what it is ...... just hearing what has happened & feeling for you.

I don't know where you'd turn for that bit of extra help you need, It's a different system here in the UK. Someone will have some ideas I'm sure.

There's so much strength evident in your words, as well as the despair. I'm wishing you lots of strength and lots of hope.

I’m so sorry to hear this. Look online for support if you can’t get help from a doctor. There are loss support groups, and you don’t have to be brave.

I'm so very sorry Shy. We lost our angel baby at 20 weeks and a second pregnancy at 10 weeks. I have one son, who is now 6, but was born at 30 weeks. I do think these autoimmune diseases play a significant role in pregnancy, but DON'T GIVE UP! Don't listen to that rude doctor, I know it's hard, playing what he said over and over in your head. Thinking and rethinking everything you did or shouldn't have done. Wait to heal but try again. Get a good doctor team around you, helping you. Ask to see a Maternal-Fetal specialist. Also include your rheumy into the process if you haven't already.

I did fine a therapist to talk to. Only two sessions because of insurance but it was a major help. If you have insurance, call your company and ask for a referral. If you are without insurance you can call a local health center. Or you can call your OB and ask for referrals.

If you would like to talk in a private manner, message me and we can exchange emails.

Here is a forum that I highly recommend: It got me through some dark times.

This one seems good, though I haven't looked through it myself.