The next chapter, entry 4. 10/19/12

The weather became cold this week, the barometric pressure is dropping and my pain is increasing....a lot. I can't bend my left middle finger, and it hurts all the time. The side of my right hand is bruised, swollen and hurts like crazy. Typing takes twice as long and I have to constantly back space and correct. So frustrated! I know the meds take awhile, but dang, even Tramadol doesn't help. Nothing helps. i have a ton of work this weekend which means lots of writing. I may be hiring my 16 yr old son to be my scribe. Seriously, this sucks. And now that I've vented here, I can be positive for my family.

I know what you're saying about the typing. My fingers definitely don't go where I mean for them to go anymore, and haven't for awhile. I work from home on the computer, and it makes me a bit crazy, especially since I have no tolerance for mistakes.

I love the idea of using your 16 year old to be your scribe. Even just signing my name to things can be tiring. I'm in the same boat, but I just put on a happy face, and continue on. Enjoy your family this weekend as much as you can.

are you still on enbrel and mtx and you have this break through pain?

Rebel mom, my pain has never left. There is no break through- ha ha. Waiting for relief, God willing.