Thank You

For of your posts about my grandbabies, It's been great talking to all of you! I am signing off now as many of you have posted (as a personal message) that this is not a place to talk about happy times in my life but a place to post about the bad times. I guess found the wrong site. I was looking for a site to be able to talk about the good days as well as the bad ones. I wanted a positive place to be.

I wish you all the best with our disease. I decided to make 2 $50 donations since nobody picked the date, making one to UNC NICU -they saved their lives and another one to PSA for Ben's Group. Don't know it that work but was my decision.

Thank all of you so much who have been so supportive, I will miss hearing/talking to you. Best of luck to all of you! Be strong, don't let this disease beat us! It is not going to beat me.