Have To Share!

Best thing to help me lately is that my beautiful daughter and my two beautiful grandsons will be going home soon! Twins have passed the 8 day countdown and mom and dad and babies are spending the night together in the parent's room in the NICU tonight, preparing to release the boys! Looking at Monday release. It's been a long 7 1/2 weeks! This makes me so happy that I have totally forgotten all of my aches and pains, my babies (all of them including mommy and daddy) are going home to be a family! And I am going to get to be a grandmommy! Happy, happy days ahead! !&%#$ this disease! I will beat you!

MAT! You have me smiling big-time! I mean ear-to-ear, silly, stuck-on smiling! Babies and family sure do help take the pain away and bring a huge smile that goes all the way inside. My step sister and her husband just brought home their adopted little girl this week. She was in NICU for a week for opiate withdrawal. They were so happy to get her home and be a family together. It is a wonderful thing. You get to be a grandmommy and I get to be an auntie (for the first time). These moments are so much bigger than this stupid disease!


That's so wonderful that they're coming home!