Quick update!

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me a message and asked about my grandbabies. Rather than return all of those messages I'm posting here. Sorry, it has been a crazy week. I am leaving tomorrow for a new install in Idaho so been a little busy today getting clothes washed and packed , house cleaned, visiting babies etc.

Boys are doing great! They have gained their weights back, taken off all of the tubes (can't remember what they all were) except the feeding tube, still using the cpaps but are weaning them off of those, moved them to the next level beds, both are fiesty and have really great lungs - screamers right now if they are not happy! Planning to move them to the first step down NICU on Tuesday. YEA! Getting one step closer to coming home or wait most importantly, me getting to hold them! I did get to give one a wipe down and change his diaper and take his temperature. Was I excited or what!

Here's to hoping I have a good trip. Our weather really sucks (in NC) today and I'm having a hard time. I have a really hard time with the cold and my new account called me today to tell me to be sure to bring warm clothes, snow boots, hats, gloves, etc. that they have 4 feet of snow already and it is starting again tonight. Oh my!

Had a great quote for tonight but I lost it and I really have to go to bed, airport at 6:30am tomorrow for a stupid 7:30 flight. I get to Boise at 7:32pm. Here's to wishing everyone a fantastic week and hope everyone feels great!