Just An FYI

I received a thank you this week for the donation that we all here on this site made to Chapel Hill NICU in honor of my babies- OK so I paid it but none of us guessed it right anyway. Thank you all so much for playing - all though none of us won! I still made the donation so we are all winners. I made it in honor of us! Thank you again to all of you who played. Money in my opinion went to a great cause.

Thanks so much for donating in honour of us - that’s such a gracious thing to do! So glad your babies are doing so well and healthy and happy now!

That’s really nice, MAT. Thanks for sharing it with us. If you know how and have the time, it would be great to share a photo of the thank you. I’m so glad to have you back. You have been missed!

What a wonderful idea - I wish I was a member on the site when you had the contest !

Oh Frances. You would have lost the contest too! I put out the guess the birthday and weight of the boys. Those sneaky little boys came in 10 weeks early weighing about 3 pounds each. They spent 53 days in Chapel Hill NICU. I thought it was only fitting to make a donation there, I also made one to PsA in honor of Ben's Friends too but have not received an acknowledgement from them yet, when I do I will let you guys know that too.

Grumpy Cat I have an new printer/scanner and as soon as I install it I will make a copy and post it. I am out of town for the next two weeks so I will do it when I get back. I tried to post some pictures of the boys and me for you, let me know it I didn't do it right.