TENs machine recommendations


I am thinking of buying a TENs machine to help with SI pain.

I was wondering if anyone has recommendations on any particular models


Get it through your PT or you frankly are wasting your money. Unless its set right, positioned according to your needs, its only a shocking experience. The Units sold on amazon etc are NOT medical/therapeutic grade.

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I happened to have bought a tens through Amazon for my husband but when I was diagnosed with PsA, my PT recommended I use a tens. I bought mine in to her to makes sure it was a good one and she said it would be fine to use and would accomplish what we needed. So far it has worked great. It is an IPlulsemassager. On amazon or go to their web site: www.IPlulsemassager.com.

Yes, get one through your PT unless you know a lot about them. I would make sure you get one that is also a muscle stimulator. I have one that does both, the muscle stim is great for cramps.

I just need to figure out now how to put an electrode on top of my head and one on the bottom of each foot to zap my entire body!!!