TENS for foot pain?

Anyone have experience using a tens machine for foot pain? I have heard that Costco has one on for decent price right now but I don’t have a clue how to use it or if it would be useless or helpful.

Interesting question. I’ve only used it for back pain personally. The theory should be the same. I would just want to find out appropriate placement.

It might be a bit odd having the pads on your feet. But I could see it working if your feet were up on the sofa at the time. It’s quite a nice sensation and does change the pain receptors for a bit in my view. Give it a whirl.

good idea. Used magneto for 4 or 5 months overnight recovering from broken femur, if it is the same thing it worked wonders , one day was in terrible pain and put it on my hip even if it was day time and the pain abated. Will look into it for my feet pain, think may have broken a couple toes tripping into something at home, as has happened more than once over the years, and my bones or something hurts on both feet at the top, where they curve before becoming toes.

Try this and a few others on Google:

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Used it to help heal broken femur after operation. For a few months slept all night with tens machine, and must say have recovered perfectly so far, only feel an ache often when the weather is about to break, my husband says… it is a truly miraculous appliance and I made a mistake in not buying it at the time rather than just renting it. One of my brothers in law is a physiotherapist and spoke about it, how he used it in rehabilitation of patients etc… Was just thinking of buying one to put on my foot at night, may have broken a toe inadvertently and am a bit afraid of x raying it, but guess will do it

Works great, just make sure you wear wicking socks and maybe with sandals (great look I know. Depending on how you have it set. sweaty feet can short across the electrodes making for some really exciting dance moves. Make sure if it happens to get a video. You could be a tik-tok sensation


Hummmm…you are on to a great idea@tntlamb! I’ll look for the wireless type!

I’m really liking the tens unit. I bought one off Amazon and it was in the 30 dollar range. I use it each morning when I’m sipping my first cup of tea. It’s a nice way to start the day.

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