Tender swollen clavicles anyone?

And what to do. I’m shying away from heat or ice on them and the car seatbelt hurts both when I’m the driver (worst) or passenger. So does the fact I wear my handbag across by body rather than one shoulder.

Permanently tender, yes. Swollen, occasionally. Ice and Voltarol Emugel P for me all the way. I’ve got one of those wheat/rice bag thingys which you put in the microwave to heat, works just as well in the freezer and great for draping and moulding over/round sore shoulders.

Seatbelts are a nightmare. Do you have a Halfords near you? I have an ancient seatbelt contraption which fixes to the top anchor point, the strap runs through it and can be locked so the belt is slightly loose but will release for the seatbelt to do it’s job in an accident.

Yes! This was a big problem before I started Enbrel. There are muscles or tendons or whatever just below the clavicles, and they were so sore and slightly swollen.
Very interesting, just before I had my “heart attack” (I never know what to call it because I didn’t actually collapse but I did have a 95+% blockage and some heart damage)…I had that same soreness. I thought it was arthritis, but it was actually a precursor to the heart event! So, be careful—maybe you should talk with your doctor about this…

Yep. Thanks for this post though 'cos I thought it was called the scapula. It’s a new thing for me, how nice to have new things :grimacing:

Eeek! And there I was thinking there couldn’t possibly be too many joints left!!! (Not that I can complain - right now I’m still super lucky with a joint count of zero, and most days only a couple of niggles).

Rather than directly over the clavicle itself, it always seems to be the tendons over my shoulder. I’ve always found wheat packs (hot or cold), with backup difflam, best for this. Similar for the costochondritis.

Sure hope your next experience with your biologic is good, and lasts a little longer.

Gosh thanks everyone. Yes I must get to a Halfords @Jules_G , it’s the other side of town which ridden with roads works putting in a new junction for the motorway presently, consequently avoided at all costs. But I must get over that, literally and figuratively. Some sort of seatbelt aid would seriously help, I’m sure.

I’m not great at having things at my neck really - I wear scarfs but rarely polo necks but I’ll start banging on the ibruferen (can never spell that word!) gels and see if they help.

@Sybil and @Grandma_J, it’s pain and swelling in the knob bits that are on either side of the base of your throat. Lots of slim model type women have beautiful almost sculpted ones that sets off their necks wonderfully. I’m not one of those though…sadly, there’s not much that’s at all sculpted on me! It’s part of the ‘hanger’ of your shoulders and of course the top of your ribs. And I’m 110% certain it’s not cardiac related as it’s all staying in the knob bits presently and not wandering around the ligaments or tendons. Yet anyhow. But really good to remember cardiac issues in women show sometimes very differently than in men so thanks again @Grandma_J

Delighted to hear you’re doing so incredibly well @Jen75, I love hearing that people do well. My joint count is seriously awful and appears to be rising daily.

So a few more questions not necessarily all about clavicles either and perhaps @tntlamb could chip in too possibly.

Is the joint count for PsA rising from 68 to 72 in clinical examinations? I read that somewhere and am just curious. Also I’m being considered for a trial of Tremfya (guselkumab) which is already licenced for psoriasis in the UK but not yet for PsA. It hits and plays with IL23 on its own I think. I’ve got through the disease extensiveness bit, the fact I ‘failed’ a anti-TFNa already sadly, and believe it or not I’m incredibly lucky to have one extremely tiny bit of psoriasis on one elbow presently which ticked that box. Is this med licensed for PsA in the USA yet? Again just curious.

I’ve lots more screening etc to go through yet and might fail at any one of those hurdles but I’m exicted presently despite feeling so incredibly awful to possibly be getting something so ‘new’ and also helping to get it ‘funded’ here in the UK if it’s any good. From what I’ve read to date on the trials people with PsA are doing well on it. So here’s hoping.

You could hang your coat on mine but sadly I don’t exactly fit that description! Very anatomically obvious though so it was easy for me to look it up and see that I too have a tender clavicle. I think the scapula is tender too, also the breastbone.

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I have tender clavicle area too, can’t even wear a seat belt over it! Glad to know it is the PSA causing it.

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I have the bony clavicles but I never new they could be swollen or tender, yikes! Although I never wear those giant collar-style necklaces because the idea of anything scraping my clavicles makes me feel squeamish.

I’m okay with seatbelts but also not great with things around the neck. I never wear turtlenecks or halter tops or even bras with criss-cross straps because I don’t like tension across that area. Maybe I actually DO have tender clavicles and just never thought of it that way?

I hope you find a good treatment in general as well as a good clavicle fix!

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