Hi all, I’ve started to get costochondritis (mild, but worsening). I had a more severe attack before I was diagnosed (not screamingly painful, but just like a heart attack as they are described).

Has anyone found anything to be particularly, useful, other than steroids? I find it very difficult to be adequately functional as the feeling of pressure on my chest is so distracting.

Unfortunately I’m alreading taking too much prednisone (I’m going to end up with porous bones fairly quickly as it is - I don’t need to speed it up any more).

Has anyone had any success with a certain type of stretch or something similar to minimize the feeling of pressure?

Hi again, Jen,

I'm sorry you are dealing with costochondritis. I know from experience that it's absolutely no fun. Wish I had some words of wisdom here, but the only thing I ever found that helped with that was steroids. I had some limited success with Toradol. I did discover that breathing didn't seem to hurt so much if bent slightly forward. It also helped to "splint" my chest by putting a pillow against my chest. I would bend a soft bed pillow so that was doubled, place it on my lap while I was sitting down, and sort of lean my chest against the pillow. Not a fix, I know, but it did seem to relieve some of the pressure. Wish I had more to offer. Hope it goes away soon!

I had a cardiologist do injections. Obviously each joint would be tough, but he seemed to know which would make the difference.

Beyond that hot pack in from (or back) and a cold pack on the other side seems to help me the most.

Yes, Jen, I've had some relief with mild stretching.....My Chiropractor has helped tremendously....Look into Self Myofascial Release techniques....they help a ton as well as trigger point self therapy....good luck.