Talus problems anyone? ankle brace or taping?

So anyone have erosions in the ankle. I have an erosion in or about the talus along with other ankle PsA related issues. The other day I went for a short walk took my shoe off and when I stood up my talus shifted slightly. RMT and Physio say it is loose in there and so is slightly shifted. The RMT gently manipulated it back in place. and the physio cast taped it.( imagine a football players ankle ) The first day was painful and I used a walker and crutches. I can now get around pretty good. It is going to be an ongoing thing untll I cannot walk on it and the I will have it fused. Replacement is not recomended at my age. I am not old enough LOL. I feel old enough. Surgery is not really recommended until I cannot walk on it at all. So anyone have a ankle brace? Are you satisfied with it ? What company made it? Or would you rather tape.

I would go with the brace. Taping will give you the best support but is impractical since you would need to have the tape changed daily due to loosening.

Did the PT give you any stabilization exercises?

Hey, Jot. Have you looked at an air cast thing? That gives great support without weight, and you can remove it when necessary.

thanks for the replies.Yes taping is impractical.Foot brace and shoes is an issue. I have some fab orthotics. I seldom go without shoes just in the shower LoL I have stabilization exercises that I have been doing for the last couple of years. I wasjust hoping it would go quietly and no fan fare : I see the rheum next week he has a ankle surgeon in mind. I will get a consult if I can. I want to avoid surgery for a bit.I have the prominent navicular bone also. Always a new decision to make Thanks for the advice info. An RMT is a registered massage therapist. She is a good one sports were her specialty at one time. So she has seen all kinds of weird injuries, any ways

I have nerve things in my knees so no rollabout for me but thanks

well I saw the rheumatologist last Friday and had a steriod shot (kenalog) into the ankle joint. Today I could see my ankle bone for the first time in about a year. I have deep aching at night in the joint and have had achilles heel pain. I have been icing alot. Steriod shots into that particular joint have/can cause spontaneous achilles heel ruptures but my rheumatologist assures me it is not common. All in all I am impressed. The first shot I had about 18 months ago did nothing for me. Rheum says with auto immune the body learns or thinks the swelling is normal and if we get lucky it may be tricked into thinking it is normal now. I sure hope so.it is nice having a ankle that is normal in size and my shoes fit almost all day long :)