I have not been here for some time. I have been swimming 2 xs a week and that is going well. I have been in pain on and off and relying on pain meds more than I care to take but that is just the way it goes. This year I will not tolarate as much pain as I was in last year. This year I am going to tell my doctors.....HEY, I NEED SOME HELP HERE AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! So there. I also am a firm believer in keep moving keep moving. Swimming helps me alot.

Good for you for setting limits. And it should come as no surprise that swimming helps, given your screen name!

Yes . I am the Waterfairy am I not. Funny. I always choose to be some type of water creature. I agree, Sybil. Ploughing up and sown the pool can be dull, tedious but very worth it. When I am in the pool I just want to bust out and dive into the deep end and glide along the bottom of the pool and just jump around like a sea otter! I do love to be in the water every chance I can get. It is my Happy Place.