Super power?

As I sit here with my half empty box of soft tissues, and produce copious amounts of mucous, it suddenly dawns in me…I’ve lost my ‘Super power’; my ability to fight of the common cold! So this is what its like to be mortal :wink: lol At least I now know my immune system is starting to cower from the meds :slight_smile:

The meds must be doing something! I guess it’s a trade off – dial down the immune system, catch more sniffles. Come to think of it, this is my first winter with Enbrel. I haven’t had a cold in years and years! Wonder if I’ll get the gift this winter?

I am also fighting a cold. So know that you are not alone.

Please understand I’m not moaning but this has amazed me…I have now had this cold for 2 weeks…still producing copious amounts of slime! Chest cough at some points, dry rasping cough at other points,headache, sore throat, blocked sinuses, tired beyond belief. No improvement at all…just wonder if there is a world record for the length of a common cold? If so do you think I may be in with a chance of a title? Lol :wink: