Summer! Time to Lose Weight

Summer is fast approaching, what are you doing today to lose weight?

According to a study by the Mayo Clinic, gaining extra pounds makes women 20% at risk for getting rheumatoid arthritis. (Obese women at increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis)

However, there are a variety of ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy figure. Now here’s what you should do.

  • Share with your friends today your plans for this summer and encourage a lot of people all over the world to be stronger than ever :)
  • Record your BMI or weight today and let’s see how much weight you lose after summer.

My weight? Right now it is 57 kilos (126 lbs).

This summer I am planning to take a brisk walk every 6am to 7am before work. Brisk walking is the simplest yet the most effective way to prevent further symptoms of arthritis.

What’s yours?

I am more concious of my food intake by counting calories and keeping a food diary; I also have started walking on the treadmill (slow but sure). I have been doing this for 6 weeks and have only lost 3 lbs but I know with PsA and all the meds I take it will be slow. I have a great friend who is keeping me accountable and is so uplifting to me. My current BMI is 32.

Hi Alma,

That's great. A good diet would surely help minimize arthritis symptoms. For that I don't eat beans too much. And I am happy for you that you have such a good friend.

Every little thing counts. Let's keep it up. :) We should be kicking this summer. :)

Great post, Mary! There are also a lot of conditions associated with and/or aggravated by being overweight. You may want to share this to them too!