Stress = Flares

I am declaring that it is absolutely true that stress causes psoriasis flares.These past couple of weeks have been so challenging for me between managing home, 2 busy children and school activities.

It's hard explaining to people around you that you just need a break to nap in the middle of the day. They look at you like your crazy and assume you are joking or being lazy. When in all reality, my body is not just telling me I need it, it is demanding it.

With increased stress, the migraines have come creeping back, and low and behold the evil queen herself, psoriasis. It's crazy how she senses the moment we are about to sink and rears her ugly head.

I found myself so overwhelmed the other night that I just locked myself in my room to cry. (to know me is to know I hardly will ever shed a tear for anything) but I just felt the need to do so. Within I'd say about an hour, I looked into the mirror and BAM ! Red patches all over my forehead, down around my temples and behind my ears. Psoriasis had preyed on me during my weakness. What a brat ! She wasted no time for her attack.

I think when no one is home I am going to scream obscenities at the top of my lungs out loud.

That is my rant of the day.

Oh, Jen. So sorry for your flare. I agree about stress as one of the biggest attributes in making our disease more aggressive. It's hard to handle all that life throws our way and remain calm.That's the struggle. I'm aiming for unflappable calmness which, if you knew me, would make you laugh until you peed your pants. I'm a very animated persona and lose my cool at the drop of a hat. But, yes, my newest venture is trying to stay in the moment and remain unflappably calm. You may now commence laughing at me!!

I recently read 2 books about Buddhism and Zen. I state this not from a religious affiliation; I went to Catholic school my whole life and the nuns were nuts, but I’ve yet to see an out of control Buddhist. So I figured, must be something to the whole “journey to enlightenment”. Really trying to figure a way to be able to quiet those crazy times when life gets in the way of our disease. With that being said, my vast research (again read a WHOLE 2 BOOKS - LOL) simply stated if you can master one thing, no matter how small, you are on a path to enlightenment and inner peace. Inner Peace = No Stress = No Flares.

So I decided to learn to juggle. I suck at it, but it lets me take a time out. I carry a small beanbag/juggle ball in my purse, you start with only one. When I begin to feel the stress creeping up, I take a few minutes to toss the ball. If that doesn’t work, I just throw it at whoever is pi$$in’ me off! Then I feel much better.

Hmm. Very interesting thought, and I think I agree with your main point, stress = flares. My P started flaring and my first signs of PsA started emerging at a particularly high stress time through work about 2 years ago. Gosh guys I am learning so much in such a short time. I am so glad I found this group.