Still can't get rid of the shoulder pain

Does anyone have the constant shoulder stiffness? The Humira and MTX has relieved my hip and knee pain but I feel like I have this cape around my shoulders that goes from front to back and up to my neck. I'm wondering now if it is something else...

It seems to happen that way, right? My PsA is under pretty good control since I started leflunomide. But my wrists and one thumb are the remainder. I did get films done, and those are osteo of course. It may be worth looking into it further, to see if it is a different problem.

I agree Stoney.....I had to get the shoulder xrayed....before rheummy gave me a shot in shoulder. He wanted to rule out rotator cuff.....Mine is a shoulder inpingement, of course right side, grr...I get a shot 3x a year in ortho or rheummie

and it does radiate pain down the arm

I have impingement & tendinitis in my right shoulder,I’ve had it a long time,only thing that gets rid of the pain for awhile is the steroid shot.I had one done in October and I’m ready for another :frowning:

I had to have a steroid shot in my shoulder a few times because all the soft tissue around the joint would get inflamed.

They just always end up diagnosing my shoulder with tendinitis and one time bursitis. I end up doing PT and then I am fine. It always comes back when I overexert my arm. I just do the PT exercises at home and then it gets better. I have been dealing with that since 2006! If anyone has anything to add to this thread it would be great! Heck I remember one time I woke up so bad that my neck was stuck and I had to get a flexeril muscle relaxer in order to be able to turn my head. My shoulder can get so bad it radiates into my neck and down my arm too into my elbow and wrist.

As strange as it may seem. My problems almst disappeared over night when I replaced my pillow with a wedge...... ( a broad one the supported head and shoulders)

It’s not as strange as you think. It’s possible to cut off circulation by sleeping in a certain position or simply not moving around a lot. Using any drug to help sleep or having a favorite position to reduce pain may prevent you from moving adequately.

I had the same thing a few months ago, only both shoulders were affected. I was not happy! It took forever to get moving in the morning and I had to wait so long before I had enough range of motion to get it the shower. I resolved my issue with a new pillow. It’s a tempur-pedic gel pillow for side sleepers. Oh, it is only the most wonderful thing I’ve ever gotten for myself. Absolutely worth very penny. I found it a Bed Bath and Beyond and it was an off brand, so it was pretty affordable with the coupon. It has helped my upper body pain so much.