Started Diclofenac

Started Diclofenac yesterday and happy to say 4hrs later I could walk again. Hoping it's not short term and continues to work.

It was always one of my favorites, I rotate back to it often. Keep in mind that it is also on the $4.00 Walmart list ($10.00/90 day supply)

Diclofenac has been my favorite for a while now. I'm back on it again, and thankfully it works pretty well.

I'm assuming we cant live on it. Is there a reason you stopped taking it?

Thanks for the info about Wal-Mart. Has anyone tried the prescription topical creams? Just wondering how they work.

Also my doc put me on Misoprostol for my's my new go to drug that works so I can take other meds. Very cheap!!!!

KelleyD- As you get on meds that control the course of the disease better, you may no longer need to take daily NSAIDs. I was able to come off them for a good 6 month stretch this year after I started my first biologic, but wound up needing to go back on after flaring post trigger thumb surgery. I'm hoping to get things back under control within the next few weeks or so and be able to wean off again.

I have used Voltaren gel, assuming that's the topical that you are mentioning. It's the same active ingredient. I find that it works really well on some parts, and not as well on others. For example, I wound up going back on the oral because my elbows were really bad, and I couldn't get it under control with the topical, but I've had really good success on my hands.

kelleyD said:

I'm assuming we cant live on it. Is there a reason you stopped taking it?

I use the topical Voltaren (diclofenac) gel sometimes. It’s good for some applications where the joints are close to the skin: I like it on my aching feet/ankles, and on my knees (they’re prosthetic, but the tendons still sometimes ache). Wouldn’t be so good for hands, cuz you wouldn’t want the medicated stuff touching whatever you are touching.
This gel is requires a prescription in the US, but the same strength is available without a prescription, OTC in Canada. You have to be careful with it if you are already taking a systemic NSAID. Check with your doc before using it if you are getting it OTC.

Diclofenac works well for me, and I have been on it for years. Not a max dose, mind you. I’ve tried switching to celebrex, but I have to take a maximum dose of it get the same relief as I get from a half-max dose of diclofenac. Yesterday, my trusty pharmacist made me aware of this:
I’m going to try transitioning to Tylenol arthritis. Not looking forward to that at all.

I'm allergic to acetaminophen so that's out for me but thanks for the info.

OK!! did I jump the gun when I said the meds work or does it take a few days to kick in? My feet are back to where they were yesterday. I'm on 75mg twice a day of Diclofenac. is that the max?

I know I'm being a pain in the $%#. SORRY!

I get a pretty fast response to diclofenac, but with me it takes a few days before I get the full effect. (I’ve stopped if from time to time, and that’s the way it seems to me.) I believe that 2 x 75 is the maximum daily dose.

As for being a PAIN, you can be sure that when you really do become a pain, you’ll be hearing from us! LOL. Until then, just keep being Kelley.

I tried Diclofenec for 3 months before I was diagnosed. At first it worked great and then....not so much. I had a weird side effect though - at about the 3-month mark, my hair started falling out in clumps. It is a little mentioned side effect. After I got off it, the hair went back to normal.